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Welcome to the Droidinstall.com !
Thank you for using http://droidinstall.com – sharing Website Game, Application, Trick … game for Android devices for Indonesian.

By using the website is meant http://droidinstall.com you agree to these terms. Please read the terms.

Our website is the website to download games, applications, wallpapers, and share tips as well as news about the game for mobile phones, the users served in Droidinstall with the slogan “Quality – An full – Speed “. Because a lot of resources and continuous game increases, so sometimes we have to add the new terms, or modify the existing terms to suit requirements on products and services. These additional terms will become part of your agreement and if you use our website http://droidinstall.com.

Using Droidinstall website:
All information about the game and the introduction of other content on our website is collected, aggregated from various sources on the Internet to bring to users the various references. We can not guarantee complete accuracy of the contents, so you should read and consider carefully before making your decision. We are not responsible for your decisions.

Downloading games from Droidinstall is entirely due to your decision
Games offered on the website is not http://droidinstall.com products produced by us. So, we just make sure that it is taken from reliable sources. We are not responsible for the content in the game, so we encourage you to learn thoroughly about the content in the game before deciding to download, install and use.

Install and uninstall:
After downloading the game from Droidinstall, installing or uninstalling the game out of your device is fully automatic so you decide. You should refer to the content on the page control authorization for mobile applications to understand the rights you grant to install applications before beginning to install the application on the device.

Your gaming account:
For most of the mobile game allows users to play online you will need to register an account before using. Please keep and not disclose to others. Droidinstall does not accept any liability for your gaming account. In case you have problems with your account, please contact the game publisher for advice and support.

Information on the game publisher and phone number we supply Hotline is quite full of detail page of each game introduction. If you can not find or need our support more information, visit the Contact Us page to send a request for our support.

Terms of service
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